5 Smart Ways to use a VPN

VPN is a digital survival internet-computertool that serves multiple purposes. Not only is it easy to use, but it has all sorts of functions. It can be so simple to use one while easy to forget about all the others. This means that you might not exactly be using your VPN to its full potential.

Here are five great ways that you can use your VPN.


Always Keep it Private

You may not be aware of this, but your internet service provider is always able to see and record all of your internet traffic. However, thanks to a VPN, you will be able to literally scramble all of your traffic so that no one, including your provider, will be able to read any of it.

Prevent Censorship

There are some countries that actually block access to websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other similar services that many of us get to otherwise enjoy on a daily basis. With a VPN, you will be able to get through all of these types of firewalls and gain access to the internet, no matter where you are in the entire world.

Save Some Money

There are some online stores and booking sites that will actually give you higher prices depending on the location in which you’re viewing them from. For instance, one individual can find that a airline flight from New York to Berlin, Germany can cost over $2,000 more if they are browsing from a Thailand based IP address. When you use a VPN, however, you will be able to choose from hundreds of locations to look for the best price, thereby preventing you from becoming a victim of pricing discrimination.

You Can Encrypt Everything

One scary fact that you may not be aware of is that anyone who is on the same public WiFi network as you will be able to install software that can interfere with and even intercept your overall web traffic. By using a VPN, you will be able to encrypt your entire internet connection, which will prevent this from happening. This means that if someone attempts to hack you, all they will see is a bunch of worthless numbers, letters, and other characters.

You Can Extend Your Coverage

By using one single subscription, you can protect not just your laptop, but also your smartphone, WiFi router, and various streaming media consoles. A VPN will be able to provide you with all sorts of software and applications for multiple devices, as well as live chat support for all major operating systems 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This means that whenever you’re anywhere that offers free WiFi, be sure to turn on your VPN so that you will be able to prevent hackers from getting into your device and accessing your content. Furthermore, whenever you shop online, consider connecting to different servers locations in order to look for better deals. In the event that you travel to another country that may have restricted internet access, you can turn your VPN on here in order to bypass this. Additionally, your VPN can also ensure that you remain private at all times in order to prevent anyone else from monitoring your internet traffic.

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