ExpressVPN Speed Test: How Fast is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the most recommended VPN services. So I decided to make a ExpressVPN Speed Test to see if it really deserves its appreciation.

Founded in 2009 ExpressVPN a VPN service that can be used to unlock blocked sites, download torrents and browse the internet anonymously. It is compatible with a lot of devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, routers & more.

From the beginning, I want to tell you that this ExpressVPN speed test contains two parts. One using speeds reported by when connected to their servers around the world and second one when downloading torrents. That because I realized there are factors that can influence the speed reported by (server load).

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What did I use for this ExpressVPN Speed Test?

ExpressVPN Speed Test Video:

ExpressVPN Speed Test Results:

expressvpn speed test

1Bucharest (No VPN)154.45159.156
2Bucharest, Romania68.9462.6637
3Amsterdam, Netherlands70.0452.28 46
4London, United Kingdom62.9469.146
5Washington, DC, United States86.1137.28121
6Gulbarga, India13.372.71194
7Sydney, Australia55.560.68309
8Hong Kong64.656.9294
9Frankfurt, Germany66.958.0341
  • Test #1. My first test was done without using a VPN connection to check my download and upload speeds.
  • Test #2. It has become a rule for me on my second test speed to connect to a VPN server that is in the same region as me. Speed is very good.
  • Test #3. For this test, I connected to an ExpressVPN server located in Amsterdam Netherlands. The test was done using a server in the same country. I had a download speed of 70.04 megabits and an upload speed of 52.28. A very good speed!
  • Test #4. London is one of my favourite cities. That’s why it tested download & upload speeds while connected to a VPN server located in London United Kingdom.
  • Test #5. For this test, I chose to be connected to a United States VPN server. The ExpressVPN application connected me to a server in Washington, DC. The download speed was very high 86.11 megabits.
  • Test #6. Although normally I would not need to connect to an Indian server, for test 6 I connected to a server located in India. ExpressVPN connected me to a Mumbai server and the test was done to a server in Gulbarga.
  • Test #7. I connected to an ExpressVPN server in Australia. The download speed reported by ExpressVPN is very high considering the distance of 15,222 km between my location and Sydney. For upload speed, I do not have an explanation, compared to the download speed.
  • Test #8. For the final test, I connected using the Smart location option. I was connected to an ExpressVPN server in Frankfurt, Germany. Very good download speed and upload for this test too.

All speed tests were made with a server that is from the same city or region as ExpressVPN servers.

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ExpressVPN Torrenting Speed Test

Now the best part!

As I was saying at the beginning of this article, speeds reported by may vary depending on several factors. So the best option to see if a vpn service is fast enough is to download a torrent. Oh God! and what speed! Watch the video below.

I’ve connected to an ExpressVPN server in the Netherlands as you can see in the video above. A speed of 13-15 Megabytes? Enormous! Bravo ExpressVPN!

ExpressVPN Torrenting Speed Test Was Done:

– using the Brave browser (has torrent application included)
– I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu
As a result of my speed tests, ExpressVPN is one the fastest VPN services currently available. It deserves its place among the best VPN services.

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