ProtonVPN Speed Test – How Fast is their Free VPN Service?

I have been using ProtonMail for some time and I’ve decided to test their free VPN service. Below you can find the results of my protonvpn speed test.

ProtonVPN is a VPN service owned by ProtonVPN AG and is developed by CERN and MIT scientists. They want help you surf the internet anonymously, unlock blocked content & encrypt your internet connection.

For this ProtonVPN speed test I used their free version although they offer a 7-day trial for premium VPN plans.The free version of ProtonVPN allows you to connect to 3 vpn server locations around the world. You can connect to their servers in: The Netherlands, USA or Japan. Apart from the fact that your connection speed will be low, you can connect only using a single device.

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What did I use for this ProtonVPN speed test?

ProtonVPN Speed Test Video:

ProtonVPN Speed Test Results:

Bucharest (No VPN)262.54147.914
Amsterdam, Netherlands75.1955.9948
New York, United States20.7810.46239
Chicago, United States20.2510.48227
Tokyo, Japan28.270.83290

Probably because of my location the vpn connection to the server in the Netherlands was much faster.

protonvpn speed test results
The speed test was done using a server in the same country as the VPN server. For example, when I connected to the server in the Netherlands, I had a download speed of 75.19 Mbps and a upload speed of 55.99 Mbps . A pretty good speed for a free VPN service. Worse results have occurred when I connected to US & Japan servers.

When performing the US server test I tough there is a connection issue with the first server and performed a second test to see if there was a difference in speed.  The results were the same.

Although the reported speed was much lower compared to the Netherlands server, it does not stop you to browse the Internet without problems while using this server.

In my opinion ProtonVPN’s free vpn plan does a pretty good job. You can use it to browse the internet, even stream youtube if you are connected to the right server. In the future I plan to also test their paid plan.

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