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How to use a TorGuard Promo Code?

Using torguard coupon codes  is an easy process to do. Just follow the steps below:

  • Click “Get Coupon Code” and copy the code.
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  • Select a Billing Cycle
  • Click “Add to Cart & Checkout”
  • On Step 3, paste the torguard promo code in the Promotional Code field and Click GO
  • Select a payment method
  • Enter your details (email,password, security question & answer)
  • Select that you agree to their Terms of Service.
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You can see in the pictures below, where you must enter the torguard promotional code to get your discount.

where to insert torguard promo code
where to insert torguard promo code

torguard discount activatedAbout TorGuard

There are many VPNs (virtual private networks) out there these days. TorGuard is an anonymous VPN service with servers in 42 countries, encryption options to offer client choice, who states that they have a commitment to keeping up with the competition. According to Deep Dot Web, TorGuard has become one of the world’s most popular VPN services.

One plus is that they have a strict no log policy. They maintain that they do not track any subscriber activity or connection history. Most providers will at least keep logs of your connection history, including the IP address that you use to connect to them. When questioned about jurisdiction issues, TorGuard responded that they are registered on the island of Nevis in the Carribean. This places TorGuard in US jurisdiction. On Best VPN blog, they stated Our legal representation at the moment is comfortable with the current corporate structuring in the US, however, we wouldn’t hesitate to move all assets internationally should the ground shift beneath our feet. All of the main billing infrastructure, authentication servers, and engineering staff are already located internationally.” So it seems that their commitment to privacy is very strong.

TorGuard Features

As stated, TorGuard has more than 1200 servers in 42 countries. They offer L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN. P2P downloading is supported. Some servers are optimized for torrenting, which leaves others free for faster browsing and streaming. For users who only want basic P2P file sharing TorGuard supports access to over 100 servers and traffic is routed through “a few dozen” IPs over a span of four to five countries.

TorGuard has an easy setup. Just download the installer and let it run. They do have a separate TAP adapter.

Their software is easy to use. Just enter your login details, use the drop-down list to select a server, and click on connect. Your new VPN IP address is displayed at the top of the log window. You will need to connect manually for mobile devices, however.

Included is free Viscosity VPN software. You can move through uncensored websites and services and there are no ISP restrictions.

They have their own router store, pre-configured for TorGuard, where you can get brand name routers, Apple TV, Android TV boxes, and other items.

They also offer Anonymous VPN, a complete VPN privacy package with unlimited bandwidth, torrent friendly and log free, which can support up to five devices. It supports PPTP, 256-bit OpenVPN, and LT2P and is easy to configure to popular torrent clients.

Using secure encryption, they offer anonymous e-mail with MITM protection and offshore e-mail storage. It has complete mobile support with calendar features.

Also offered is a Kill Switch list to automatically discontinue any applications on this list if your VPN connection is lost.

They use stealth servers, a definite plus. Even though you are using a VPN, an IP address can see if you are using torrent and slow speeds due to that. Stealth servers encrypt date such that it appears to be HTTP traffic. This tricks the ISP so that it thinks that you are doing just the usual browsing on broadband. The stealth servers are easy to identify since they will appear with a small circle icon.

TorGuard has a list of all of their servers and includes what each server supports (torrent downloading, LT2P, etc.

The anonymous proxy service is a good alternative or addition to a VPN because it is usually faster and less expensive than a VPN but still changes your torrent IP address. TorGuard has a custom proxy installer that configures it for you automatically. If you are extremely anxious about being discovered, you can use TorGuard proxy service with another anonymous proxy server and it has the effect of sending your torrent traffic in an encrypted tunnel wrapped in another tunnel from unrelated providers. This setup makes torrent traffic just about untraceable.

TorGuard Security

TorGuard has two options for making your torrent traffic anonymous. If you just want to make your BitTorrent anonymous, you can choose the Torrent Proxy service. The setup is easy. You just configure your BitTorrent client to connect through the TorGuard proxy. If you prefer to keep all internet activity private, they offer the TorGuard Torrent VPN service, which protects your whole internet connection. Setup for this is also easy. Just download their desktop software VPN software and you are ready to go.

The software also has integrated DNS leak protection, a feature that many VPNs do not have. This stops your true IP address from being exposed by Windows security vulnerabilities. You just open the app settings to enable it.

TorGuard VPN vs Proxy

TorGuard Speed

Some report that speed does not seem to be a problem. While the speed may vary with different servers, probably due to location, overall connection and download speed is good. Yet PC Magazine states that not only was the subscription process “overwhelming”, the connection and disconnection speed was slow and the client is “sluggish”. Yet they also say it is “usable”. Best10 VPN considers TorGuard’s speed to be one of the top ten.

TorGuard Price

While TorGuard is more expensive overall than some, they offer packages that make them definitely affordable. They are confident enough in their service that they offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason, you are refunded fully with no questions asked.

torguard services price

TorGuard Customer Service

VPN Pick did not rate TorGuard very highly in customer service. There is a lot of information to guide you through setup on any device as well as a forum and community of users. However, when attempting to contact Customer Service, VPN Pick states that they had issues getting a response and that online chat did not seem to be active. In a TechnoTips article, the company’s customer service got mixed reviews. It seems by the description there that if partly depends on the agent who answers, as in one case the review writer was disappointed and in another attempt connected with someone who could supply support much more clearly and was more informed. Best10 VPN considers TorGuard’s customer service to be excellent.

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