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10% Off TunnelBear VPN Plans

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How to use a TunnelBear Coupon Code?

Using tunnelbear coupons is an easy process to do. Just follow the steps below:

  • Click “Get Coupon Code” and copy the code.
  • Create a TunnelBear account. On their front page click on Get Started, It’s Free.
  • Enter your email address and password and click Create.
  • Click on Pricing, and you’ll notice the 3 plans available. Select Giant or Grizzly plan and click Upgrade.
  • Enter your Payment details.
  • Paste the the tunnelbear coupon code you have copied from us in the coupon code field and click Apply.

how to use a tunnelbear coupon codeFacts About TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a VPN provider. For anyone that knows little about what a VPN does or maybe even what a VPN is, it is a service that allows you to browse the internet privately. TunnelBear does an excellent job in helping all of their customers, and especially the ones that are maybe unsure and unaware of why they need a VPN service. Customers of this company that have never used a VPN will wish to have used them earlier than was actually the case. People that are not using a VPN would be shocked if the risks been run were explained or shown to them.

TunnelBear keeps it’s website simple and easy for their customers to find what they are looking for. The interface is very clean and up to date. They make sure that there is access to their social media and their levels of customer service are really high. The company is determined to make sure it’s customers will not ever want to leave them to take their custom anywhere else.

TunnelBear will keep things secure

The great thing about TunnelBear is that it keeps the personal information of all it’s customers secure. This VPN will prevent other websites from gaining information that all of it’s customers would prefer to be kept to themselves. People that use this package will only have to share the information they personally want to share.

If people pick TunnelBear the risk of sharing information without being aware of it, or giving others the chance to obtain personal details, which could be used for in proper purposes is reduced sharply. Customers should remain vigilant about the security of all data and information. All updates to the service should be installed or downloaded immediately to maintain the best levels of security.

Plans and Pricing

TunnelBear offer only two variations which is monthly and yearly. They also have a version which is completely free and is called ‘Little Bear’. However, this has a 500MB download limit. Their two paid plans consist of monthly and yearly plans. They offer discounts for customers who stay with a plan for a longer amount of time.

Customers who are already convinced about the excellent standard of what is on offer from the company have the tendency to sign up this VPN for as long as they possibly can do. The longer that customers are online for, or the less certain the security of sites visited is, the longer the subscription to the service should be.

Customers that do not use their computers too often, or do not download vast amounts of data could find that LittleBear would be more than adequate in protecting privacy and information.

However people that need to use their computers or internet connections frequently will find the paid packages on offer of better benefit for keeping details secure. Plus download speeds will be faster and the protection will be more wide ranging.

Great Value for Your Money

To put it basically customers that stick with this company for longer will find that it’s VPN services represent even better value for the total amount money spent. The company is committed to ensuring that the quality of the products and the services they offer are consistently high.

People would switch to a more reliable alternative provide if the company failed to maintain it’s great levels of service not to mention standards. This is certainly not the case as standards are never allowed to fall. The company frequently review and test the ability of it’s VPN as the threats to privacy and therefore security measures are always been increased.

Picking The Right Plan

Prior to becoming customers of the company people should consider how much the VPN services will be used. That can allow the customer the chance to use the best of the two plans to sign up to.

Furthermore the company is content enough to allow customers to switch from one plan to the other plan should that be the most effective option in terms of enhancing privacy and value for dollars. TunnelBear is easy to contact and helpful in assisting their customers to get what is wanted, and to changes things promptly.

Performance of the VPN

The TunnelBear service is among the best VPN packages, certainly within the price range. It does what the company’s customers are paying for it to do. All the customers should find that it will allow them to surf the web confident that privacy is being safeguarded.

The package conceals the identity of the customers that use it and that is certainly something that provides peace of mind for the vast majority of people that have signed up to use it. Threats to privacy evolves or are created quite frequently meaning that customers will only get the maximum performance out of the package if it is updated whenever, and as soon as those upgrades are available.

TunnelBear will inform all of it’s customers when improvements and updates need to be installed. Customers that keep up all changes and improvements will gain more out of it than those that do not.

Summary of the package

Without a doubt then this company offers an effective VPN with notable virtues. It protects customers from people that could gain from obtaining information about them without their knowledge, or indeed their consent.

It is really ease to download, fast, responsive and keeps customers protected. It’s costs are relatively modest while providing customers with ample scope to gain very good value for money when using it all or most of the time.

For customers with really basic needs the free version of the package would be good enough. That could a good option for IT equipment with limited memory or storage space.

Most people will find using the paid for versions of the package is what they will find the most useful. There may well be flasher or bolder packages available yet this will do the job just as well. It will get the job done, and do it well.



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