5 Steps to Buy VPN using Bitcoin

For first time users, Bitcoins can be a little intimidating. However, only a small amount of knowledge is needed to gain a full understanding of how they work. This means that even new users can become skilled quite quickly. You can read this article to learn 3 Ways to Create an Online Bitcoin Wallet.

These days, lots of users use their Bitcoins to purchase VPN services. They do this because VPNs (virtual private networks) offer a way to surf the internet anonymously. No browsing records or usage logs are retained and, because a new IP address is used for every connection, it becomes almost impossible to spy on the actions of individual users. bitcoin

The only weakness for this system – certainly in the past – was the fact that users still have to make a traceable payment, in order to buy a premium VPN. Now, Bitcoin currency is changing all of that.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoins to Buy a VPN

While VPN vendors do not keep browsing records, they do store information about user payments. Reliable companies never use this data to spy on customers, but there are plenty of skilled hackers and internet investigators who can find it.

If an expert is determined enough, they can locate and access payment records. This means that VPNs are not as secure as they seem. In fact, the only truly anonymous way to purchase and surf using a VPN is with Bitcoins or another kind of digital currency.

How to Buy a VPN Using Bitcoin

If you want to purchase a VPN (and leave no record of doing so), follow the steps outlined below. Before you start, making sure that you have chosen a VPN provider that is happy to accept this alternative currency.

Step One: Register with the VPN Provider

Once you are confident that you’ve found the right vpn service provider, signup on its website. It is up to you how much information you provide, because a good vendor (for example: IPVanish ) will only require an email address. If you’re paying with Bitcoins, you shouldn’t have to enter any bank information.

Step Two: Use a Genuine IP Address

Some VPNs request to use a genuine IP address when registering. This is to prevent fraud and should be of no concern; the VPN vendor will protect and safeguard this information.

Step Three: Copy VPN’s Bitcoin Wallet Address

Next, you need to copy the address of virtual Bitcoin wallet and amount to be sent. This is how you’ll send the payment (in a virtual ‘wallet’). On some websites, you can use QR codes to make the process faster. Most of the VPN service providers use bitpay. You can view a demo bellow.



Step Four: Hit the Send Button

After login in your Bitcoin wallet, paste the payment information and hit send button The payment itself will only take a second or two. It is an almost instant transaction.

The Value of Bitcoin Purchases and Transfers

While it can be tricky to actually get your hands on Bitcoins, making purchases with this currency is surprisingly straightforward. Furthermore, it is wrong to assume that wanting to browse anonymously is in any way unusual or suspicious.

These days, most people use VPNs simply because they’re worried about having their sensitive and private data stolen. It is legitimate, worthwhile concern and purchasing a robust VPN can be a way to mitigate it.


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