Is WiFi On Planes Truly Safe?

Recently, many different airlines all across the country have installed technology onto their airplanes that allow for passengers to access WiFi for their mobile devices and laptop computers, enabling them to perform tasks such as catching up on work and keeping in touch with family and friends. However, there is still a great amount of concern that passengers’ data will still not be kept safe from outside third parties looking to potentially hack into their content.

While some of these WiFi connections are still considered to be rather sluggish and even while some select airlines even continue to block internet access for passengers while in flight, there are some companies who are now introducing technology referred to as air-to-ground technology, or ATG. This is technology that essentially delivers WiFi speeds up to approximately 30 times faster than what most airlines currently offer.

It’s understandable that airline passengers not only way fast WiFi connection speeds, but they also want to be able to take advantage of reasonable rates for this kind of service. In fact, a recent independent survey showed that approximately over 1,000 Americans aged 18 or older used a WiFi connection on an airline at least once within a year and half of those polled individuals stated that they would love to be able to take advantage of a connection speed similar to the one that they have at home. Thanks to the brand new ATG technology, this is something that will soon become a reality that many airline passengers will be able to take advantage of and enjoy during their long, tiring trips.

Despite this awesome advance in technology, it does, unfortunately, have its drawbacks as well. For instance, there is no guarantee that someone else on the same flight as you will not be able to access all of your personal information within a matter of only a few seconds. Don’t think for a single second that something like this is not possible – take every step necessary to protect every bit of your information form being accessed by someone you may not want having it.

This is where registering for an account with a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, service provider becomes an important step to take. This is perhaps the best way to safeguard all of your information while traveling on an airplane. A VPN is able to obtain all of your data, regardless of whether or not it’s personal, and encrypt it through a particular tunnel. This means that, regardless of how many times it happens, whenever an unscrupulous hacker attempts to access your information, they will virtually be blocked from doing so. Even better is the fact that VPN service is not just restricted to personal computers or laptop computers. It can also be used on tablets and smartphones that have iOS and/or Android operating systems.

In conclusion, whenever you are traveling on an airline to your intended destination and you feel the need to use the airline’s WiFi service, make sure that you take the time to protect your device with a VPN in order to prevent all of your information from getting stolen.

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