FastestVPN Speed Test: Is As Fast As It Says?

I was curious to see how fast VPN service is. Below you can see how their servers performed while conducting my fastestvpn speed test.

Launched in 2017, FastestVPN is a VPN service that can be used to hide your IP address, download torrents anonymously, access restricted sites and secure your internet connection. FastestVPN also offers it’s clients the ability to connect using 5 devices simultaneously. For more details, you can read my fastestvpn review here.

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What did I use for this FastestVPN speed test?

FastestVPN Speed Test Video:

FastestVPN Speed Test Results:

fastestvpn speed test

1Bucharest ( No VPN)215.35153.285
3New York , United States44.220.92147
4London, United Kingdom115.95149.9149
5Montreal, Canada63.1424.59134
6Hong Kong 24.271.8357
7Frankfurt, Germany93.7828.1946
  • Test #1. As in my previous vpn speed tests, my first test is done without using a VPN connection. I’m doing this first to have a point of reference.
  • Test #2. For this test, I connected to a fastestvpn server in the same region as me. As you can see in the image below or in the video, the test was made on the same server as on Test 1. You can see a difference in speed, but I am pleased with the results.
  • Test #3. For this test, I connected to the FastestVPN server in New York, United States. The latency is quite good considering the instance between me and the FastestVPN server. Got 44.2 Mbps download and 20.92 upload speed.
  • Test #4. For test number 4 I connected to a server in London, United Kingdom. As you can see, the results are amazing! I have an upload speed of 149.91 megabits, even higher than the one in test 2 when I connected to a server that’s no more than 15 kilometers from me.
  • Test #5. I connected to FastestVPN’s server in Montreal Canada. Here I got better results than the ones I got when connected to the New York server. This makes me think that at the time of the test, that server was loaded. Good results here too.
  • Test #6. Although for my daily routine I don’t see me connecting to a Hong Kong server, however, I still made this test. Pretty good download speed of 24.27 mebagabits.
  • Test #7. In my last test, I chose a “closer location”, Frankfurt Germany. Download rate of 93.78 megabytes and 28.19 for upload.

For all these tests, the speed was measured using a speedtest server in the same country as the server that I connected to. For example, when I connected to the FastestVPN server in London, the speed was measured using a server in London.

So far, FastestVPN is the fastest VPN provider tested by me. If in the next tests there will be a faster provider, I will rectify this statement.

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