How To Hide Your IP Address

When you connect to the internet your computer, or router, is assigned a public Internet Protocol, or IP, address. When you visit websites, this IP address is stored on their servers. In other words, when you are browsing your favorite Internet spots, you are leaving behind a trace of all your activity for anyone who may want to look.

There are many easy to use programs that allows users to monitor an individual’s Internet activity like emails, Facebook posts, financial transactions, and more. But, it is not a good idea to completely hide your public IP address because this information is what allows your device to communicate with other devices on the internet. That is to say hiding your IP address online will make your device invisible, and ultimately, unusable.Thankfully, a way has been found that allows one to surf the web with anonymity. An anonymous proxy server allows you to route traffic through its server so that your IP address and Internet activity are masked.

There are several types of proxies available but the utilization of Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are the quickest, most reliable, and safest way to achieve anonymity when using the Internet. This valuable tool expounds on the foundations of the proxy and works by creating an encrypted tunnel for your data to pass through; rendering your information impossible to be deciphered.Therefore, if you wish to have complete anonymity when surfing the web, a VPN is the perfect way to ensure your internet security.

VPNs help protect your online identity and other data that you wish to remain hidden. It is an affordable and convenient way to provide your Internet browsing with ultimate security and privacy. However, VPNS have other advantages. If you reside in a country that has restrictions on Internet use (restricts the watching of a show in another country for example) you can use VPNs to gain access.

The cheapest and easiest way to VPN service is through your employer or school. Check with your IT department to see if VPN service is available. To connect to a VPN you must launch a VPN client from your computer, or click a link on a special website, and log in with your credentials so that your computer can connect with the faraway server. Once both computers have been verified, your communications are now secured and encrypted from anyone who may wish to eavesdrop.

If you are unable to gain VPN service through the aforementioned means, you should consider making use of the many companies that are now offering this service to the public. If you are unfamiliar with the technical ins and outs of this type of service, it is easy to become confused. But, it is also very important to determine the following factors:

1.VPN Protocols must be verified when the major concern is data encryption. The two most secure VPN protocols are OpenVPN and SSTP. There are some firewalls that may block your VPN connection, if so, you must make use of of SSL VPN protocol.

  1. In order to connect to the internet on a daily basis you will require a big bandwidth limit to perform your usual activities. Therefore, it is important to find out if your VPN has a bandwidth limit.

3.The price of your VPN connection should worth the service it provides and there are many cheap VPN services available to match your specific needs.

VPNs have truly been a blessing to the internet world, especially for those who value their privacy, because of its ability to keep sensitive information away from prying eyes. In addition, this valuable and reliable form of internet security is also quite affordable and it is quite easy to find a cheap VPN service.

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