3 Safest Browsers To Use Online

An online browser is also known as internet browser is a software programmed to help one access the internet content and view the content on a computer or other internet compatible devices such as the mobile phones. There are various kinds of web browsers, and all one is required to do is download the software of their choice.

The qualities of a good browser.

Whichever the browser you choose as a user, ensure that it is of high quality regarding loading the contents online and offer privacy at the same time. A safe and reliable web browser should not take hours before it loads or downloads the images and videos the user wants. If you find the default browser you are using does not have the above qualities, then you can opt for a more safe and reliable online browser. A good browser should also offer privacy and security such that no one will be able to access your searches.

What are the safest browsers to use online?

1. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic privacy browser makes it to our number one as one of the safest browsers to use. The browser ensures that all the details and features that can leak your presence are completely eradicated for maximum privacy. Other things that are eliminated include the cookies trackers every time you are finished with browsing. Meaning every time you log in to search the website you will not find the other previous browsers and cache. Another benefit associated with this software is that all the searches are deleted after every session, and this is done by the firm owners to ensure that the SSL connections are prioritized as much as possible. The browser does not provide any information from the users, and for those who don’t want ads pop ups, there is a built in blocking to prevent them from appearing.

epic browser

2. Comodo 

This type of browser provides two browsing option one is based on the chromium and is also referred to as the dragon, and the other one relies on Firefox also known as ice dragon. The browser that you choose to provide safety and privacy will depend on if you are using the two listed browsers as each security browser is only compatible with the current software you are using. Therefore if Chrome is your default browser, you will use dragon for safety and vice versa.

The browser allows the user to select if they want to use Comodo secure DNS or other servers such as dragon ice or dragon. This is important to ensure that the user has maximum privacy and security from other people trying to stalk their ISP. It also has a domain filtering system that is designed to reduce the exposure to other problem areas used by malware.

Another excellent feature found in this browser is the virtualized mode that separates the browser from the host system. The feature does not work on its own, and therefore one is supposed to install Comodo internet security.

comondo browser

3. Brave

If you need a smooth and light browser then brave is the best solution for you. The software was invented by Brendan who is also the co owner of Mozilla. The browser has speed in searching and providing all the controls necessary to offer privacy and security. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X users. Some of the features included in the browser are blocking cookies, a developer community which works well with the browser.

brave browser

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