HideMyAss Speed Test: How Fast is HMA! Pro VPN?

Years ago HideMyAss was the first paid vpn service I used. So I decided to do a HideMyAss speed test and record it. In this blog post you can see the results.

HideMyAss is a vpn service that can be used to unlock websites, browse the internet anonymously. It was founded in 2005 by Jack Cator and is now part of the Avast group.

For this test, I’ve connected to several HMA! VPN servers to see how fast their service is.

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What did I use for this HideMyAss speed test?

HideMyAss Speed Test Video:

HideMyAss Speed Test Results:

1Bucharest ( No VPN)233.12151.84
2Bucharest, Romania60.6533.9992
4New York, United Sates47.9331.15111
5Melbourne, Australia39.877.21287
6Istanbul, Turkey56.3424.8898
7Prague, Czech Republic81.8653.142
  • Test #1. First test was done without using a VPN connection. The server I’ve connected is near me and download and upload speeds are very high.
  • Test #2. I’ve connected to a HideMyAss server in the same region as me. I was a little disappointed with the upload speed.
  • Test #3. For this test, I connected to the HMA VPN Pro server located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The speedtest.net’s server location is also located in the Netherlands. I got very good download and upload speeds.
  • Test #4. I connected to a hidemyass server located in New York. As in the previous test, the location chosen by Speedtest was also in the same area.
  • Test #5. I said to try my luck and connected to a HMA server located in Melbourne Australia. I was pleasantly surprised with download speed.
  • Test #6. Here I used the Instant Mode option. Normally the HMA software connects you to the nearest VPN server location. However I was connected to a server in Istanbul. I would like to mention that there are other locations closer to me with a much better latency. For everyday use I would avoid using this connection method.  Download and upload speeds can be seen in the table above.
  • Test 7. For this test, I connected using Freedom Mode. This option connects you to the nearest free-speech country. Results are very good, even better than when I connected to the server located in the same country as me. It is possible that the server on test #2 was overloaded.

As you can see from this speed test, you can get fast download and upload speeds when using Hidemyass VPN. It all depends to what server you are connecting and how busy that server is.

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